Sunday, March 13, 2016

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Read Across America Week 3/21-3/24  
We are celebrating our annual school-wide READ ACROSS AMERICA week at Snow Hill Elementary from Monday 3/21 through Thursday 3/24 (the week before spring break).  In order for each student to have the full excitement of the week, we encourage all families to make every effort possible to make sure that each child participates each day.  Be sure to visit the library web site for updates or to find resources for reading

·         Monday 3/21-Crazy Socks Day (Character Trait: Respect)
Featured booksFox in Socks by Dr. Seuss
-Wear mismatched, striped, or just the craziest socks you can find! 

·         Tuesday 3/22 DRESS in one single color (Character Trait: Self-discipline)
Featured bookMy Many Colored Days (Dr. Seuss’s last book)
-Dress from “head to toe” in one color--choose a color that represents you!

·         Wednesday 3/23- Twin Day (Character Trait: Fairness)
Featured books: The Cat in the Hat & Green Eggs and Ham 
Green eggs and ham will be served for breakfast at 8:15am 
-You can plan to match outfits a friend, two friends, five friends, or an entire class may match.
-If you just do not know what to wear and do not want to be left out, then match your librarian, Mrs. McCarter, who plans to wear jeans, black shirt, and a scarf.

·         Thursday 3/24- Whoville hair day (Character trait: Courage)
Featured bookHorton hears a Who or How the Grinch stole Christmas
-Wear your hair like a character from any of Dr Seuss’s books.  Have fun with it!!!  
-Can’t think of how to style to your hair--just have some crazy hairstyles and you will be fine! 

Please be mindful of how your child dresses for school each day as the temperatures can change from morning to afternoon--there is no need for your child to be uncomfortable or to change clothes to enjoy each day.  Boys and girls should be modest in their dress and be mindful to be “school appropropriate” for each day’s festivities.  
Remember, this is a celebration of reading, not just Dr. Seuss. Each night make a point to read aloud to your child (a regular book, ebook, reading on the tablet, or even an audio book)—as long as you read together as a family then you are sharing the lifelong love of reading.    
Have a great week of celebrating reading, 
Your Snow Hill Literacy Committee

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